Who Is Daniel?

His Personal and Political Background

I'm far from the smartest person in the room. Throughout my life I've had to overcome abject poverty and constant discrimination. What truly defines my character isn't my accomplishments, however, it's how I've learned to build respect and trust with the people in my life. In my bid to serve you, I may not be the most qualified candidate, but will work tirelessly to earn your trust and respect.

In The News

Local Stories involving Daniel Joseph's 2022 Council Bid

Follow along as I campaign on real, local issues that matter to the people living in Kelowna. The goal of my campaign is to advocate for affordability, solutions to our homelessness and drug-abuse epidemic, and the massive gap in our infrastructure. Throughout my campaign, I fully intend to discuss key issues that matter to your community. Please feel free to follow along, comment and share your thoughts and opinions to influence my policies and posture moving forward.

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